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Apply now for the Leadership Programme!

In TopFem’s Leadership Programme you will search for you own leadership through personal development, leadership styles, and carreer development. During multiple sessions you will be counseled by a professional trainer/coach and you will be encouraged to actively pursue your own development through excersises, assignments, and personal feedback.

The Leadership Programme also offers you all the benefits of the Mentor&Network Programme, which means that you will be matched to a personal and experieced mentor, and that you will attend monthly events where you can apply the lessons you learned through the Leadership Programme.

After the Leadership Programme you know who you are, with all your strenghts and weaknesses. You know what you are capable of and how you can make optimal use of your capabilities. Acting from this point you know how you want to present yourself to the rest of the world and have been given handles to realise this. You have been working with a group of hardworking young women and have discovered the power of a supporting community. You have thought – together with the other participants – about ways to continue learning and developing yourself.

Costs: €150.

Time: 4 sessions of 2,5 hours led by a professional trainer/coach and 1,5-2 hours of assignments per week.

The programme will be given in Dutch.

Commitment: This is a programme for young women who are prepared to undertake the course together from beginning to end. Which means: present at all sessions, commitment to complete all exercises and assignments, the preparedness to support one another, and give feedback.

Deadline and selection process
The deadline for applying for the TopFem Leadership Programme is on October 14th after which two selection rounds will be held. The first selection round will be based on cover letters and resume’s, which need to be send to info@topfem.nl before October 14th. The second selection round will be based on interviews.




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