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Event Summary

Event summary: Be Proactive – The CV Check

Are you aware of what your Curriculum Vitae (CV) says about you? Have you ever wondered how to make your CV stand out amongst CVs of others? What are the dos and don’ts in presenting yourself on your CV? And have you ever received proper feedback on your CV? These questions were all amongst those addressed at the 3rd TopFem Network Event.

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On the 29th of October the TopFem Mentor & Network and Leadership Program members -but also a fair share of new faces- gathered again at the SkyLounge in Amsterdam. While enjoying the ambiance and a drink or two, participants were challenged to share tips and tricks on the layout and content of their CVs with each other. Furthermore, professional advice was provided by  Maaike Riesthuis, Maria Schoenmakers and Josephine Brakenhoff, who used their experience to give personalized feedback on the CVs of those present. To give you an idea of the kind of information shared: did you know that one’s place of birth is probably the most irrelevant piece of information put on a CV? And that it is better to leave out your marital status? Or that for most functions a photo on your CV can be advantageous, whereas in pursuing a scientific career it is considered a no-go, given the fact that your achievements should speak for themselves?

Inspired and motivated by these new insights, and encouraged by the ideas of others, those attending left inspired to further improve their CV. Overall, we can look back at a successful TopFem Network Event. If you are curious to know more about TopFem, our previous or upcoming events, please visit our website www.topfem.nl or contact us at info@topfem.nl.


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