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Event Summary: Brains and Leadership

On Thursday, January 25, we had the pleasure of welcoming Nupur Kohli, a medical doctor, healthcare advisor, world-class speaker and author of the book “Chill! How to survive stress and improve personal and professional productivity”.

After a warm welcome of TopFem chairwoman Nathalie Sanglier, Nupur started her talk about “The Power of Stress”. It was really inspiring and in a good way also confrontational. Have you ever romanticized stress of heard others romanticizing stress? Telling how hard you or they had worked, did not had lunch etc.? It is important to realize that we have to stop making stress popular.

She also talked about the importance to learn and develop the skills to survive, understand and manage stress. It is also essential to know what stress is in order to recognize stress in yourself, but also in other, so you can lead better.

Furthermore, Nupur shared some practical information. If you feel like your energy level during the day drops too soon or if you have physical complaints, think of your posture and breathing. Try to breathe in, hold your breathe for ten seconds and breathe out again. This can do your oxygen intake real good!

Another valuable advice: learn to say no. Define for yourself: to what things do you want to say yes to?

The inspiring talk ended with the topic ambition and stress. Ambition can lead to stress, but also fear of failure or lack of confidence. It is important to not compare or compete with others.

The insightful evening came to an end with networking drinks and bites, where Nupur also joined us.


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