hét netwerk voor ambitieuze jonge vrouwen


Event Summary: Global Ambition

On Thursday, May 24, TopFem hosted the Global Ambition Event; an exciting and inspiring evening! The TopFem ladies were introduced to three women that form the embodiment of ‘dreaming big’. Sharing their experiences about working abroad with a touch of humour, Monalisa, Snezana and Caroline each introduced us to their unique stories. They told the TopFem women about the challenges they each faced when moving to and working in a new country, having difficulties with the language and the culture, but also about how their experiences enriched their careers and private life.

After each of their speeches, the crowd was divided into smaller groups for an even more personal Q&A session. The conversations that followed were empowering because they allowed for the ladies to ask advice about their own career, and to inquire more detailed descriptions of challenging situations these professionals had to overcome.

The evening ended with time for further networking and storytelling over drinks and bites.



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