hét netwerk voor ambitieuze jonge vrouwen

Network Event

Event summary: Keep the end in mind – Your mission statement

The Quarter Life Crisis: a period encompassing the transition from late teens into adulthood, accompanied by stress or anxiety while faced with choosing a career path and accomplishing a proper transition into adulthood.

As the majority of the TopFem members are currently in their twenties, many of us are reaching the point in our lives in which which we face important decisions regarding study and job choices. Hence, the so-called Quarter Life Crisis is a well observed phenomenon.


At the monthly drinks on Thursday the 26th of November at the SkyLounge in Amsterdam, a quick survey revealed that I am not the only one feeling unsure about my career path. Many of us feel overwhelmed by the  incredible range of options that are currently present. Furthermore, people struggle to determine exactly what is necessary to reach their preferred destination. Even those that knew exactly what they wanted to do were still intimidated when faced with the thought of making the wrong choices in their career.  It was in the face of these insecurities that we were challenged to identify our personal goals and begin to develop a personal mission statement.

With inspiring questions like: “How do you want to be remembered?” and “What kind of things make you lose track of time when you are doing them?”, participants of this month’s network event were triggered to start thinking about and sharing their own personal values. By defining these values, you enable yourself to start setting and achieving goals that will lead you to your final (career) destination. These questions are actually part of a larger framework, the so called mission statement, on which you can read more here. If you are unsure of where your talents lie, a mission statement can help you articulate the successes you want to achieve.


Inspired? Next month’s meeting TopFem meeting will be the 17th of December. From 19.30-22.00 a workshop will be provided by The Future Firm on “Leadership development and growth”. If you want to learn more about this event or wish to join, please visit our website www.topfem.nl or contact us at info@topfem.nl.


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