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Event Summary

Event summary: LinkedIn Masterclass

On Thursday the 26th of May, TopFem organized this year’s final workshop at Koetjes en Kalfjes in Amsterdam. For this, Jan Willem Alphenaar (public speaker, expert on LinkedIn and author of several books on the matter) was invited as speaker to share his knowledge and to increase our visibility on LinkedIn.

Of main importance was to make sure your profile is up to date. Make sure the headline matches your (current) job experience/interests, because this is what will be viewed if you are looked up on Google. Next, build and extend your network by adding the people that you have worked with or that might be of interest to you. For this, we were shown search strategies on LinkedIn, leading to people that might lead you to your ideal job position: recruiters. Finally, several tips were shared for the optimal profile picture. After the sessions, this information could be put in practice immediately, as a professional portrait photographer was present to shoot new pictures of all attendees.
On Thursday the 16th of March, this year’s final TopFem event will be held: the Talent Show. During this session, the Leadership Programme Participants will present the results of their research assignments in an elevator pitch or a presentation. Moreover,  the winner of this year’s research assignment will be announced. Are you in doubt about signing up for next year’s programme or willing to learn from these ladies? For more info on signing up, please visit www.topfem.nl or contact us at info@topfem.nl.


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