hét netwerk voor ambitieuze jonge vrouwen

Event Summary: Next Generation Event

On Thursday 27 September we had our annually Next Generation Event. This time in cooperation with LOF and Amref Flying Doctors in Leiden. Patricia Vermeulen, Director at Amref, gave us a warm welcome and told passionatly about the organisation.

After that, the group filled with enthusiastic mentors and mentees, was divided into four workshops with different themes. The themes were:
1. Strategic partnerships with Philips and Schiphol
2. Female circumcision by 2030 out of the world
3. Mobile Learning via platform LEAP
4. Financial Inclusion improves sanitation

Within each workshop, the groups had to deal with a statement and thereby come up with solutions and/or innovative ideas. Mentors and mentees brainstormed with eachother and came up with creative initiatives! At the end of the workshop, each group had to pitch their ideas to the other groups.

The second part of the evening was all about getting to know eachother! Mentors and mentees had inspirational and fun talks with eachother, while enjoying a tasty buffet. Furthermore, Annemiek Gouwens from LOF Foundation and Carmen van Polanen Petel, our Programme Manager, gave a mini lecture about all the ins and outs of the mentorship. This included tips and tricks to get the most out of the mentorship and information about the matching process between the mentor and mentee.


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