hét netwerk voor ambitieuze jonge vrouwen

Event summary: Synergise: Teamwork

On Thursday the 31st of March another networking evening was organized by Topfem at SkyLounge Amsterdam. This time, a cosy corner hosted a group of TopFem ladies who reflected on their internships, jobs and possible opportunities, while focussing on Synergism: when the sum of the whole can become greater than its parts separately, this month’s theme. The inclusive and welcoming atmosphere allowed for open interactions and was aided by the enjoyment of a glass of wine and some snacks.


The importance of teamwork, as well as the facilitation of teamwork by management, was also part of a workshop within the TopFem Leadership Programme. According to the model of leadership that was discussed at de Ontwikkel Academie, there are two types of leaders: multipliers and diminishers. Multipliers create a network of brilliant and intelligent people around them by making use of the talent that other people offer them. Diminishers, on the other hand, are merely focussed on their own intelligence and deprive organisations of other people’s capacities. However, nobody is 100%  multiplier or 100%  diminisher. The 5 qualities in which these two types of leaders differ most are their management of talent, the culture they create within the organisation, the strategy they use to either challenge or direct people, their involvement in the decision-making process (as debate maker or decision maker) and the way in which they give people responsibility for their work. It is possible to be a multiplier in one area, but a diminisher in another. During the workshop, the participants of the Leadership Programme received useful tips on how to be more of a multiplier and were stimulated to work on a specific quality.


If you want to learn more about our workshop or the Leadership Programme, you are very welcome to join our next networking event. For any questions or signing up, please visit www.topfem.nl or contact us at info@topfem.nl.


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