hét netwerk voor ambitieuze jonge vrouwen

Event Summary: Taking (Y)our Next Step

On the 25th of April we had our annual Future Fair event at the beautiful location of House of Watt in Amsterdam. The night started with a motivational speech by our evening host Ms. Joanna Polak-Goodman. She shared her insights on developing yourself as a young woman and becoming a female leader in the Finance world.

After the opening speech, it was time for the workshops. The first round of workshops were done by Amref Flying Doctors, Deloitte and Jose van Daal. At Amref’s workshop, their work on changing the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Africa was discussed. FGM is part of one of the traditions of girls becoming women and Amref is changing that specific element into something beautiful that honours the tradition but doesn’t harm the girls. At Deloitte’s workshop a peek into the world of Deloitte was given and at José van Daal’s workshop the Conscious Company Model was experienced.

The second round of workshops consisted of two more options, namely one by Calco and one by our evening host Joanna Polak-Goodman. Calco’s workshop introduced the IT world and let us play with the Arduino computer, a small computer that can be used in many ways. Joanna Polal Goodman’s workshop focused on personal branding and the way you communicate verbally and non-verbally.

Also during the workshop rounds, some of the participants had a special session with our coaches, Jolanda Holwerda, Lauren Kiraly, Chantal Heutink or José van Daal. During these coach sessions they could ask their questions and get insightful advice from these experienced women.

The evening concluded at the Future Corner with some drinks, bites and one on one conversations with the participating companies, organizations, coaches and of course the participants themselves.

Everyone left with a full goodie-bag containing food for mind and body. The event was a blast and we hope all participants enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you all very much for coming, especially Amref Flying Doctors, Deloitte, Calco, Joanna Polak-Goodman, Jolanda Holwerda, Chantal Heutink, Lauren Kiraly, José van Daal and for hosting us House of Watt.

Hopefully this summary provides an idea of the wonderful evening for those who missed it. We hope to see you at our last to final event before the summer: our May event!

Until then!


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