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Event Summary: Talent Show 2019

One the 13th of June 2019, TopFem organised our annual Talent Show. During this event, the graduates of the Leadership Program (LP) presented their research.

A special congratulations to LP-graduates Christine Otten, Merian Kuipers and Ana Colina Alonso who were awarded with the title of TopFem Talents of the Year 2019!

The winning team delivered an engaging and passionate presentation of their research ‘from tiara to toga’ where they examined academic culture and the road to becoming a female professor. To commemorate their research, TraineeshipPlaza.nl interviewed the winning team on their research, which can be read here. Hats off to you ladies!

The other groups also did a great job researching and presenting their work to us. Rozemarijn van Laar, Bobbianne van Sluys and Maike Spoon did an interesting research on the wellbeing of female students in the current performance culture. Bernice Dekker, Sabrina Ravestein and Lucie de Ridder delivered a compelling research on leadership (traits) in relation to gender.

Finally, Christina Fylli and Iris van der Maarel presented their research on women in medicine, where they examined factors that influence success for women in medicine. Very impressive!


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