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Event Summary: The 2018 Talent Show

On Wednesday the 13th of June, TopFem hosted this year’s Talent Show at House of Watt in Amsterdam. The entire evening was dedicated to the participants of the Leadership Programme, whom had the opportunity to present the results of their research projects. This year, all research projects were focussed on female leadership, but each with a different subject and a different outcome. The first group to present were Dideke and Emma, who’s reason for the research was “the stagnation of the progression in both labor participation and working hours of Dutch women”. After we heard their lovely presentation, focussing on explaining underlying determinants of labor market behaviour of women on the one hand, and the political emancipation policy on the other, the floor was given to Genevieve and Loan. Genevieve and Loan had conducted their research in-house at Clifford Chance, and had drawn up the following research question: “To what extent is a recruitment campaign specifically aimed at women in the legal profession positively received by potential female candidates?”

The third group, Géraldine and Liseanne, has conducted its research by investigating “the plausible effect of a demotivating culture on the amount of success in a woman’s career”. Then it was time for Janine and Marlous to present the findings of their research project, which focused on women in diplomacy. The reason for their research was: “exploring inequality and gender stereotypes in intercultural contacts”. Lastly, the fifth group consisting of Carmen, Dorine and Nathalie, was all set to present. They had formed the following main question: “To what extent influences working part-time the level of ambition of highly educated women?”

After hearing all presentations, it was time for the judges to deliberate about which team should win the Talent of the year 2018 award. During the intermission, the new TopFem board of 2018-2019 was introduced by their new chair, Géraldine. Each new board member had the chance to tell a little bit about their vision for the upcoming year of TopFem.

After an extensive deliberation, the judges came back to present the winners of Talent of the year award. And the winners are … Géraldine and Liseanne with their research about the effect of a demotivating culture on the amount of success in a woman’s career. Of course, after this it was time to congratulate the winners and all the participants of the Leadership Programme.

After hearing all the inspirational and well conducted research projects, we moved towards the lounge to enjoy networking drinks and bites.


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