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Event Summary

Event summary: The Elevator Pitch

What is your dream job?

Last Thursday we organised the second network event at the Skylounge in Amsterdam with the theme ‘The Elevator Pitch: Your Dream Job’. In less than one minute those attending had to present their elevator pitch and share their ideas and values. These then segued into more in-depth conversations about the women’s personal experiences and goals for the future. Conversations like these are forming a solid basis for this year’s Mentor&Network participants, and will aid their self-development as the year goes on.

TopFem’s primary focus is to help in the development of the career paths of the many ambitious young women who contribute to our organisation. During network events such as this one you are able to touch base with other TopFem members, and share your plans for the future. Though some members have a specific career goal, and will do everything in their power to pursue this, some still need a little help along the way, which TopFem is more than willing to provide. By networking and exchanging ideas you can be inspired and motivated in order to reach your end goal.

There are various opportunities within TopFem. One of them is the Leadership Programme which was started during the network event.  All the participants were present, and it was a great opportunity for them to get to know one another. Furthermore, you can still join our Mentor&Network Programme or sign up for one of the TopFem committees and contribute to the success of TopFem. For more details you can further explore our website.

Are you curious to know more about TopFem or do you want to expand you network with other ambitious young women? Come join us at our upcoming network event on Thursday October 29th. If you are interested in attending this event, visit our website www.topfem.nl or contact us at info@topfem.nl. We hope to see you there!


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