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Event Summary: Theatre College by Vreneli Stadelmaier

On Thursday, September 28, Vreneli Stademaier presented her new theatre college to the TopFem network. The evening started off with a welcome drink and a couple of pre-networking activities, after which TopFem chairwoman Nathalie Sanglier presented the opportunities TopFem offers and introduced Vreneli Stademaier as our speaker of the night.

Vreneli guided us through an inspiring theater college based on her new book Yes, she’s smart, with the help of a number of funny quotes and a touching video (see below). One of her stories was about what hockey players discuss among themselves after a match. She pointed out that while male players talked about which guys played a bad match, female players talked about how bad they personally were during the game. With her stories, Vreneli also commented that when it comes to how much a person earns at their job, men always know the salary figure of their colleagues, while women are completely unaware of the same. Her message for the evening therefore was that women can have a successful career and be happy at the same time. An important tip she enjoyed sharing with us is that it is just as important to know a man’s rules of the game, as it is choosing the right life partner. The fun and insightful evening finally came to an end with networking drinks and the opportunity to get a personal signed copy of Vreneli’s book.





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