TopFem Network Event: International Women’s Day 2019

Date and Time:
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: Wijnhaven

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On the 8th of March we will celebrate International Women’s Day, which is a collective day of global celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Together with Lof Foundation, we will organize an event on this special day to inspire all interested women. This time the event will be at Leiden University Governance and Global Affairs, located in the Hague (Turfmarkt 99).

Sandra Groeneveld, Professor of Public Management will open our event with a talk about (under)representation of women in high positions, in science and in other sectors, in the Netherlands and abroad, in the course of time. Furthermore, she will zoom in on a possible explanation that deals with the incongruity between our associations with leadership and female characteristics.

Afterwards, Joke Brandt, Secretary-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Birgitta Tazelaar, Deputy Director-general of International Cooperation, will do a storytelling together.

Curious about what the storytelling involves? Come to our event! Sign up below and hopefully we will see you on Friday March 8th in The Hague!

This event will be fully in Dutch.

Note: if you are not yet a participant of one of our programmes, you are allowed free access to two events this academic year. If you have already participated in your two free events, you can read more about joining the programmes here

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