Workshop with Scott Blick

Date and Time:
7:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: PLNT Leiden

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Scott Blick is a verbal and non-verbal communication coach, trainer and advisor, including presentation skills, storytelling and public speaking. He was born in Australia and has been living and working in the Netherlands for 27 years. In 2000 he founded Blue Bottle Productions as an umbrella organisation for his core activities as an entrepreneur: coaching and training business people and performers (both professionals and amateurs) to help them develop their potential in different areas and work on theater productions. Scott Blick has over 30 years experience as a professional dancer, actor, singer, director and choreographer in opera, music theatre and musical productions.

This month the workshop by Scott Blick will focus on Finding Your Center. These days more people hear comments like you need to be more autentic, relaxed, assertive, or pro-active. Other people hear more and more that they come across as confident or convincing … or maybe not.

These types of statements are nothing more than words that actually mean very little. They descibe an end result without adressing the process by which a person achieves that result. They also conform to a preconceived notion of what relaxed, confident or being convincing looks like. Scott has chosen the theme Finding Your Center as he believes statements such as stated above are limiting statements that reveal little understanding for the subtle interplay of verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication.

The schedule of the evening will be as follows:

19.15 – 19.30: Walk-in
19.30 – 21.15: Workshop Finding Your Center
21.15 – 22.00: Time to network

Unfortunately, this event is fully booked. If you are interested in joining the event, you can send an email to and you will be notified when spots become available. 

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This event is fully booked.