TopFem Network Event: Taking (Y)our Next Step

Date and Time:
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: House of Watt

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The TopFem Network Event in April will focus on (y)our future career. The evening will be all about the future and the steps one can take not only by themselves, but also together as a business and organization. The TopFem Future Fair consists out of 2 rounds of workshops by Deloitte, Calco, Amref Flying Doctors, Joanna Polak-Goodman, and Jose van Daal.

Furthermore, there will be an opportunity for you to have an individual conversation with one of our coaches. If you would like to attend one of these coaching conversations with Lof, Lauren Kiraly, Chantal Heutink, or Jose van Daal, please inform us beforehand by submitting your questions.

As your future career is the most important part of the TopFem Future Fair, there will be an opportunity to have some personal interaction with the attending companies in our Future corner.

If you would like to attend the TopFem Future Fair, please register online and send your CV and, if you would like to attend one of the coaching conversations, your questions to


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