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FAQ – TopFem Board

What can TopFem offer me?
Besides an expansion of your professional network, you will also further develop your organisational and leadership skills. In addition, board experience on your CV is always a plus.

How much time is required?
The TopFem board is a part-time board, which can be done next to your study or job. On average you will spend 12 hours per week. Depending on your function and timing, this can vary a few hours.

Do you need to have prior experience?

None of the positions require prior experience, although having done committees or a board before can be a plus.

Do you need to be an active member of TopFem?
Although it is not necessary that you are currently or you have been an active member of TopFem, for some functions it might be very helpful (e.g. Chairwoman and Programme Manager).

What is the location of the board?
Most of our events take place in Amsterdam (close to the railway station). However, as board member it is most convenient to live in the Randstad.


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