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First impression: Mentor&Mentee – The Next Generation Event

On November 2nd we organized the Mentor&Mentee: The Next Generation Event together with Lof. What an inspiring event! We started of the evening with a recruiter panel. Recruiters from EY, Achmea and AT Kearney told us the do’s and don’ts during the application process from a recruiter’s perspective. They also answered all our questions about applying. Then Judith Meeng from Lof and Tamara Ubink, our Finance Board Member, gave a presentation on the value of mentoring.

Having a mentor can boost your career in so many ways. We value mentoring very much and we are glad to work together with Lof in searching and linking mentors and mentees. It is most important that you have a connection with your mentor. The top women from Lof are very inspiring and they are excited to share their knowledge with the next generation: us. We ended the evening by ‘speeddating’ with the top women from Lof.

Are you interested in having a mentor? Apply now for the Mentor&Network Progamme. On our site you can find a flow chart below as well as the questions you will have to answer and send to mentor@topfem.nl. Please be aware that we cannot link you definitely to a mentor until you have paid the contribution for the programme.




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