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Increasing female leadership with Phyleen Mattaar

Phyleen Mattaar, professional trainer in personal leadership, looks back on last year’s Leadership Programme and the great achievements made by participants.

“I saw how some of the participants struggled to see their qualities in the beginning, but discovered their assets during the sessions. I witnessed how they turned their flaws into something they can now use for personal growth. The participants also learned to see vulnerabilities as something that strengthens them instead of weakens them. Most of all, I saw how participants developed their own view on leadership, instead of believing what the rest of the world wants them to believe.”

A true inspirator
Marjolein van Vliet, participant of the Leadership Programme 2016-2017 and half of the research duo awarded Talent of the Year 2017, was very pleased with Phyleen as a trainer: “Phyleen is a true inspirator who always knows how to ask the right questions at the right moment. She understands how to put a “mirror” in front of you so you have to start engaging in self-reflection. With her inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm, she creates the right atmosphere in a group and during a one-on-one conversation. The assignments she set were inspiring and made me rethink what I want to achieve at a personal and professional level.”

Phyleen will also be coaching next year’s participants of the Leadership Programme. “I am very happy to have been part of this experience. I couldn’t wish for a cooler job than to help other young women find their passion, who they are, and who they want to be.”

Develop your leadership skills
With the help of Phyleen Mattaar TopFem aims to prepare you for the ambitious career you aspire to achieve. During four sessions you will gain insight into your own leadership behavior and you will develop your own personal mission: what is it you want to achieve, and more importantly, why? Additionally, you will work on personal development through a research project on female leadership.


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