hét netwerk voor ambitieuze jonge vrouwen

Introduction TopFem Board 2017-2018

We are honoured to introduce you to the new TopFem Board 2017-2018:

Name: Nathalie Sanglier
Age: 27 
PR Consultant at AxiCom Benelux
Function: Chairwoman
Goal: My goal for this year is to strengthen and professionalise our network by offering ambitious young women all the tools they need to develop their potential.
Personal note: My favorite way to spend a nice Saturday is surrounded by friends and family with good food a nice drink and lovely music.


Name: Chiara Beekhuizen
Age: 20
Study: Student Public Administration and Tax Law, Leiden University.
Function: Secretary
Goal: I am keen to support my board in the best possible way by efficiently running the administration of internal affairs and enriching TopFem’s network events and alumni programme.
Personal note: Cooking is one of my favorite activities, it is in my Italian nature.



Nina van der Voort
Age: 24 
Work: Commissiesecretaris at the Public Prosecution Service
Function: Finance & Acquisition
Goal: My goal is to engage in meaningful collaborations with partner organizations and spread our vision and mission among those organizations to help ambitious women develop their skills and talent.
Personal note: My favorite holiday destination is South Africa.



Name: Lisa Engberts
Age: 23 
Study: Student Corporate Law, Leiden University
Function: Programme Manager & Deputy Chairwoman
Goal: I want to disseminate the advantages of having a mentor, network with other ambitious women and make the programmes as interesting as possible for our members.
Personal note: My favorite piece of clothing are flared trousers.


: Ite Haest
Age: 23
Study: Social & Organisational Psychology at Leiden University and Human Resource Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Function: Recruitment
Goal: This year I want to broaden our network by attracting ambitious master students and young professionals. My aim is to show them the value of our TopFem network and explain how it can help them in their next career move.
Personal note: I love playing hockey and I’ve been doing so ever since I was 6 years old.



Name: Marjolein van Vliet
Work: Recruiter at BIRD Recruitment
Function: Marketing
Goal: My goal this year is to ”sell” TopFem on the market as an attractive brand for every woman with ambition and companies who support our vision.
Personal note: My constellation is Aquarius, which is literally translated to water-men. From my childhood on, I always called my constellation water-woman.


Name: Jeanette van Ooij
Age: 23 
Work: Mortgage acceptant at ING Bank
Function: International
Goal: I want to create a stable foundation to expand TopFem internationally so it can become a truly international network.
Personal note: My favorite song is Mean by Taylor Swift, as it tells you to never give up your dreams no matter what other people think of it.





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