Introduction TopFem Board 2018-2019

We are honoured to introduce you to the new TopFem Board 2018-2019:

Name: Géraldine Lafeber
Age: 23
Study: MSc Medicine and MSc Biomedical Sciences
Function: Chairwoman
Goal: As a chair, providing our group of highly talented individuals the best support possible is one of my honorable ambitions. My particular interest lies with elaborating nationally ánd internationally. Moreover, I aspire to increasingly introduce TopFem among beta-oriented students and starters.
Personal Note: I sing a whole lot. I'd preferably do it all day.

Name: Loan Nguyen
Age: 24
Work: Associate Tax
Study: Notarial Law | Tax Law
Function: Secretary & Event Coördinator
Goal: My goal is to add value and to make a positive difference for all TopFem members by organizing inspiring and motivational events together with the board and by connecting and bringing people together.
Personal Note: Always look on the bright side of life! Even the word impossible itself says: I'm possible.

Name: Alette du Maine
Age: 24
Study: Corporate Law, Leiden University
Function: Finance
Goal: My goal for this year will be to further expand both the TopFem network and the financial cooperation with professional organisations.
Personal Note: My favorite holiday destination is Cape Verde.

Name: Aram Yazdani 
Age: 28
Work: Legal Expert at International Child Abduction Center
Function: Acquisition
Goal: My goal for this year is to strenghten our current collaborations and expand our network by engaging with meaningful organisations and companies in order to offer ambitious young women the soil and skills they need to develop themselves to their full potential.
Personal Note: One of my favourite things to do is to sit outside on a sunny day sipping Latte Machiatto and reading a good book!

Name: Carmen van Polanen Petel 
Age: 23
Study: Student Crisis and Security Management, Leiden Universiteit
Function: Programme Manager
Goal: To make as many young ambitious women as possible enthusiastic for our programs and events so that these women become the new generation leaders with the aid of a mentor, personal leadership development and a network.
Personal Note: Since 2 years ago, I fell in love with surfing. Since then, every year I try to surf somewhere in the world.

Name: Ite Haest 
Age: 23
Study: Social & Organisational Psychology at Leiden University and Human Resource Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Function: Recruitment
Goal: This year I want to broaden our network by attracting ambitious master students and young professionals. My aim is to show them the value of our TopFem network and explain how it can help them in their next career move.
Personal Note: I love playing hockey and I've been doing so ever since I was 6 years old.

Name: Manon Coumans
Age: 21
Study: Student Commercial Economics
Function: Marketing
Goal: My goal is to broaden our network by selling TopFem as an active and attractive brand to ambitious master students and young professionals.
Personal Note: Ever since I lived abroad, my goal in life is to get acquinted with as many different countries and their cultures as possible.

Name: Marlous Chang-Scholten 
Age: 30
Work: Researcher at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea
Function: International
Goal: My goal is to show everybody (Dutch and International) what chances lie beyond one's own horizon. And show that these chances are awesome.
Personal Note: Don't let my age fool you, my jokes never get old.