hét netwerk voor ambitieuze jonge vrouwen

Introduction TopFem Board 2019-2020

We are honoured to introduce you to the new TopFem Board 2019-2020:

Name: Béatrice Meulen
Study: Law
Function: Chairwoman
Goal: My goal is to further develop and improve this amazing platform for ambitious and talented women so they can fully achieve their potential and goals in life.
Personal Note: Never hesitate!

Name: Irene Abdi
Study: Governance and Management of Complex Systems | Erasmus University
Function: Secretary
Goal: My goal is to inspire and empower authentic female talent within our community. In doing so, my mission is to equip TopFem members with the tools they need, to bolster them in reaching their limitless potential. Go out and grab the world by the lapels! 
Personal Note: Dream so big that you get uncomfortable telling small minded people.

Name: Claire Dubbelaar
Function: Finance & Programme Manager
Work: Legal counsel at International Child Abduction Centre
Study: European Law LLM
Goal: As Program Manager, my goal this year will be to ameliorate the Leadership Programme by taking a more tailor-made approach and invest in broadening and deepening thereof.
Personal Note: The distance between dreams and reality is called action, so let’s encourage each other to be courageous and kick ass.

Name: Marlous Albers
Work: IT Consultant at PwC
Study: LL.M. Law and Economics & MSc Strategic Management
Function: Acquisition
Goal: My goal for this year is to expand our network by engaging solely with organisations that use employee empowerment as a core business strategy.
Personal Note: One of the best things in life is watching the sunset in a beautiful location while being on a sailboat.

Name: Anne Benthe op ’t Roodt
Study: LL.M. Conflictmanagement & Mediation
Function: Recruitment
Goal: This year I will be responsible for the Mentor Programme and the Recruitment for Topfem. One of my goals in life is creating a huge network and connectiong people professionally, so my position in this year’s board is spot on! If you need help to get connected, feel free to contact us.
Personal Note: Where words end, music begins. I love playing piano and listening to concerts. Check it out: Balakirev/Glinka (composers) – The Lark: it captures another passion of mine, flying!

Name: Milou van Vliet
Study: MSc Public Administration
Function: External Communications & Marketing
Goal: Since joining TopFem and our events can be a great stepping stone to kickstart your career, my goal is to reach as many ambitious master students and young professionals as possible by fully optimising all our external communications.


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