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Leadership Programme update

The ladies of the Leadership Programme have been working on their research projects, which are due in May. Below you’ll find an update from three of our enthusiastic groups!

Over the past few weeks, Géraldine and Liseanne have performed literature research on the interesting topic of a plausible demotivating culture among business women. What is the impact on one’s career? How does this affect their choices and ambitions? They are eager to find out! Therefore, they have composed a survey, which will be sent to a great collection of amazing career women soon, so keep an eye on your mailbox!

The duo Genevieve and Loan have had their meeting with law firm Clifford Chance. In consideration of the collaboration with Clifford Chance, they decided to do their research project about diversity recruitment practices within the field of advocacy. Currently, they are collecting data and will afterwards work out the information in-house at Clifford Chance!

Dorine, Carmen and Nathalie are curious about the reason behind newspaper headlines like “Women are getting stuck in their catching-up on the employment market” and “Differences between men and women are getting smaller”. How is it possible that such contradictory headlines are published at the same time? This research group is investigating what’s really going on. By interviewing leading women in different fields, they are hoping to gain more insight. Currently they have scheduled appointments with some very special women!


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