hét netwerk voor ambitieuze jonge vrouwen


Let’s introduce: research team marketing & communication Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Liza Bemelmans, Joy van Wageningen, Melda Rensink, Lieke van Vemden and Charlotte Nauw are Master’s students Communication Science at VU Amsterdam. For our study we have to conduct a practical relevant research for a non-profit organization. Via our LinkedIn network we came in contact with Marjolein van Vliet from TopFem. We are very ambitious girls ourselves who might fit perfectly in the target audience of TopFem and we are very curious about the programs ourselves. Beside the perfect fit and our curiosity we really can make some impact for the organization with our research. The purpose of our project is to reduce the gap between scientific research and practice. Conducting the research will take us 3 months and our main goal is to strengthen the TopFem community with (ex)participants and future participants. We hope that our results will show TopFem how they successfully can implement our findings within the organization based on scientific evidence. We’re very excited and hope you women will help us with the survey to generate as much data we need to answer our questions.



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