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Life to paper: Musings to inspire (blog #5)

The TopFem Future Fair is around the corner and for those already registered, I know we have a lot to look forward to.

Ambition and success runs as a common theme among us women as we all work really hard to find happiness in our lives. The Future Fair this year us all about finding that happiness! I have had the privilege of speaking to all three coaches and I can assure you, meeting them will not only be inspiring, but also a lot of fun.

Chantal, Jośe and Evelien are three women who have not only worked hard and found success, but also women who today work to help others like them find the happiness they crave. Bubbling with energy, the three women sounded excited to be part of an event that brings them together will so many different women from all walks of life.

My conversation with them was focused on the what inspires them to have chosen their current stream of work. At the end of a short tete-a-tete, I learned that these women are exactly like us. Yes, they are very success individuals and have achieved fame that we still strive for… but life for them was never always like that. I realised that I could identify with each of these three inspiring women in different ways and in return they could see a bit of themselves in me. This was the highlight of my conversation!

So ladies, take my word for it, the TopFem Future Fair will change your lives! Not in a way where you might find the mantra to instant success, but in a way where you will find inspiration not only from the coaches you meet, but also from others in your daily life and most importantly within your yourself!


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