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Life to paper: Musings to inspire (blog #6)

An evening with this ‘Woman in Red’

Smart, successful, confident, enthusiastic and a complete badass – These are the first few words that come to mind to when I think about one of the most exceptional women that I had the privilege to have coffee with recently. For those who missed TopFem’s Future Fair event in April, let me introduce to you Chantal Heutink; for those who have interacted with her, you’ll know that no amount of words I use would do justice to her extraordinary personality.
The first thing you notice about Chantal is the colour red. It’s her brand, a big part of her personality and you can spot that right away in the way she presents herself. To be honest, it instantly became one of those things that I admired about her
When I first heard about Chantal, it was mainly with regards to her work in Kenya. Wanting to work with women, especially in India, I found within myself an instant sense of enthusiasm to be meeting with her. I was always told that Chantal is a sweet and friendly woman to interact with. Somehow, I still felt a little intimidated in her presence. Chantal not only commands your attention, but also makes you want to present your best self to her. At the same time, her enthusiastic personality rubs off on you and before you know it, you are at complete ease – like you would be with a friend you haven’t seen in years.
I had a lot to take away from my meeting with Chantal, but what stays on with me the strongest is her sense of fun and that small tinge of mischief in her that I was lucky enough to spot. It was in those moments that I saw a small bit of me and almost every other woman in this amazing personality. It was encouraging and it definitely continues to be one of those moments that I look back to when I need my spirits uplifted.


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