Friends of TopFem

This page gives an overview of individuals and organisations that support TopFem and are enthusiastic about our goals. Friends of Topfem include our current partners, collaborators from the past, as well as financial donors. 

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“Deloitte is always looking for talented young people for our Audit, Tax, Consulting and Financial Advisory Services, to make an impact that matters for our clients. TopFem is a wonderful network of ambitious and talented students and young professionals. It was therefore an honor for Deloitte to welcome 35 TopFem participants at our office ”The Edge’ in Amsterdam. We enjoyed the evening and we look back with pleasure on this inhouse event. We would like to thank you – TopFem – again for the great cooperation!”

Deloitte Nederland

“The time is now for women to stand up, to let themselves be heard, to utilize their talents and go for it! The young and ambitious TopFem women are talented and have potential. It’s my pleasure and an honor to be a friend of this organisation. As speaker and coach, courage is my theme. In Dutch courage is LEF and in Hebrew LEV means heart. Lef and Lev are an invincible combination. Together they are the lighter of the inner fire, so that people can make powerful choices from the heart and act. It’s my mission to inspire and guide women along their journey. Without guts no glory. Ignite Your Red Power!”

Chantal Heutink

“For four years, Lof Foundation and TopFem are collaborating to achieve a common goal: to encourage talented female students and young professionals in pursuing their professional ambitions. In order to accomplish this goal, Lof and TopFem have set up a successful mentoring programme; experienced business women from Lof act as mentor for the TopFem members. The mentors help their mentees to develop professionally and personally.”

Lof Foundation

 “TopFem is a great network for young professional women. It’s so important for these women to support each other in finding their way in the male-dominated work-environments and society. These women are the future of our society, our society needs those ambitious women, they are going to make a real change! The members of TopFem are eager to learn, prepared to work hard, listen and to be critical. And I am so glad that I can support them.”

Vreneli Stadelmeijer

We’re proud of our cooperation with a great organization like TopFem. It gives us an opportunity to get closer to ambitious young women and empowering our next generation of leaders. We are committed to increasing diversity within Clifford Chance and that’s not just a commercial imperative for the firm. It’s also important to our people, many of whom are involved in networks like TopFem. For instance, two TopFem students are conducting a research about female leadership at our company at the moment.                       

Clifford Chance

As an African health organisation with a focus on women empowerment in Africa, we were delighted to work with the enthusiastic and motivated women of TopFem. Our workshop at the Future Fair was great: we had the chance to discuss the importance of investing in African women to become social entrepreneurs and, at the same time, learn from the fresh thinking of the young professionals in the room.

Amref Flying Doctors

I became acquainted with TopFem in 2017 via two young ladies who participated in one of the TED-waardig presentation courses I give in Leiden. In 2018 I had the pleasure of giving a workshop at a TopFem event. The theme of my workshop was: grounding and communication. The majority of TopFem’s members are in their masters graduation year at university or beginning their professional career. They exhibit qualities such as inquisitiveness, motivation, focus, enthusiasm, taking initiative and a willingness to step out of their comfort zone. It’s extremely gratifying to be associated with TopFem and to be able to use my expertise to help the members develop their communication and presentations skills. TopFem is a wonderful platform for women who want to investigate and develop their all-round potential.

Scott Blick – Communication and Presentation Coach