Our Programmes

For ambitious students and young professionals we offer the following programmes:

The Mentor&Network Programme
Joining the Mentor&Network Programme offers you access to all monthly drinks at the art’otel in Amsterdam. During these drinks you will meet other TopFem members and you will be able to attend talks by influential women from all types of companies. Most of our monthly drinks are combined with interesting workshops which focus on important topics to boost your career. Additionally, you will be connected to a professional mentor to help you achieve the goals you strive for. The Mentor&Network Programme 2017-2018 costs €75.

The Leadership Programme
Joining the Leadership Programme offers you not only access to the networking events and a mentor, but also provides you with the opportunity to develop yourself by means of personal leadership tools and training sessions. Further development is made possible through conducting a research project at a company in the sector of your choice. Participating will require a time investment of approximately 2 hours per week. The Leadership Programme 2017-2018 costs €175.

The application deadline for next year's programme is September 15 2017. After the deadline you will be invited for an interview.

Any questions regarding our programmes? Don’t hesitate to contact us.