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Alumni Programme

The alumni programme is an exclusive programme for past active TopFem members. Have you ever been active in one of our committees, in our board or have you followed one of our programmes? Then, this programme is something for you!

The exclusive alumni programme gives you the opportunity to still visit our events without officially following one of our programmes. TopFem’s mission is to connect female talent. By staying connected to TopFem you remain access to the affiliated members and you can make use of TopFem’s connections with companies and partners. The TopFem board will bring you in contact with specific people or certain employers if you wish. In the long term you might even become a mentor yourself!

The alumni programme consists of four elements specially organized for alumni:

  • An exclusive informal event for alumni;
  • Opportunity to still visit all our events without officially following one of our programmes;
  • Specialized nametags showing one, two or three stars depending on your amount of years as alumni member to get recognition within our network; and
  • Visibility in our newsletter by the ‘Alumna of the month’ column, which leads to easily contacting each other in case you are interested in the working field, employer or connections of the certain alumni.

Do you want to stay connected and profit by the benefits of the TopFem network? Do you want to share your experience and inspire other future TopFem members? Become alumni now:

  • first year €45;
  • second year €35;
  • third year €25 or a free gift of choice.

Click here to apply for the alumni programme.