The Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme: explore and develop your own leadership

The Leadership Programme is the greatest opportunity for self-development that TopFem offers. Not only will you be given the opportunities of the Mentor&Network Programme, you will also be challenged to develop yourself as a leader. This includes the use of personal leadership development tools and training sessions. You will conduct a research project of approximately 4 months at a company in the sector of your choice. Through this research project, you will be able to contribute to the advance of female leadership.

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More about the Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme consists of 4 elements:

  • personal development by assignments and trainings
  • research project on female leadership
  • network events with external speakers
  • networking with TopFem members and businesses

TopFem, a network for life

Every last Thursday of the month TopFem organises a network event. These monthly drinks have different useful themes for your future career. Topfem members and speakers are invited to exchange their experience and knowledge about being an ambitious woman.


Topfem will put you in touch with your personal mentor with a similar professional profile. This mentor gives the unique opportunity to discuss career preferences and will be able to give you advice on how to pursue your ambition. The mentors are experienced women with a strong interest in female leadership.

Leadership development and research

The Leadership Programme is all about personal development, leadership styles, and career development. It aims to prepare you for the ambitious career you are aspiring. If you are a young professonal the programme endeavor to strenghten your career development. Topfem enables your personal development by the use of assignments and trainings by a professional trainer/coach. During four sessions you will gain insights in your own leadership behavior and you will develop your own 'personal mission': what is it you want to achieve, and more importantly: why so?  Personal feedback will enable you to explore your strengths, weaknesses and potential. By self-revelation and open discussion of your leadership capabilities, you will be able to discover which characteristics require attention and development.

During the networking events you will be able to expand your network and knowledge of the sector you aim to further your career in. By sparring with your mentor and other Topfem members or external professionals, you will get a clear view of the possibilities to fulfil your ambition. It also aims to function as an excellent opportunity to plan your career, helping you access people and organizations who can facilitate the initial stages.

The leadership research project is meant to study the role of female leadership in the sector of your preference. Together with Topfem you will define the problem statement you want to work on and do an in-company research. The aim is to choose a subject that will encourage female leadership and pave the way for future ambitious women. Your findings will have to be reported and will be published on the Topfem website. At the end of the year, a selection will be made of the best research projects and a prize will be awarded to the winner during the Topfem Talentshow.

Practical information

Application process

The deadline for applying for the TopFem Leadership Programme is on September 15 after which two selection rounds will be held. The first selection round will be based on cover letters and resume's, which need to be send to before September 14. The second selection round will be based on interviews.


The TopFem Leadership Programme will start in October 2018 and finish by June 2019. It is developed for ambitious young professionals to combine with their traineeship or job, and students to combine next to their fulltime (master) study.

The leadership training sessions will take place on the following dates:
Tuseday 09 October 18.30 - 21.30
Monday 22 October 18.30 - 21.30
Tuesday 13 November 18.30 - 21.30
Wednesday 28 November 18.30 - 21.30

It will take about one hour to prepare for each training session.

The research proposal should be assigned not later than week 49 (03 december till 09 december). You are free in deciding how much time you want to put in the research. We suggest that the minimal time is about two full weeks. More information about this proposal will follow later.


The programme will be given in Dutch.


The costs for the Leadership Programme are €175,-.

Selection criteria

This Leadership programme has been developed for ambitious master students and young professionals with a strong interest in leadership. Several selection criteria have to be met to enter the Topfem leadership programme.

  • Academic background and extracurricular activities showing your ambition.
  • Ability to combine this programme next to your job or study and commitment to the several events that are given during the programme.
  • A strong interest in leadership and sense of self-development.
  • Active participation during all events to build a strong community of female leaders.
  • Full dedication and critical self-reflection during the trainings and the assignments.
  • Strong interest in performing a research study on female leadership with the drive to make a difference.
What do you get out of it?

After finishing the Leadership programme you will:

  • Get an official Topfem certificate.
  • Have a strong network of other ambitious young women, inspirational speakers and business recruiters.
  • Have insight in current and future female leadership, your personal leadership style and understanding of several leadership styles.
  • Have learned tricks and tips on how to present yourself as a young professional.
  • Have a plan for your future self-development.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.