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UNFPA State of the World Population Report 2017 launch

On October 17 our chairwoman Nathalie Sanglier attended the breakfast session and Dutch launch of the UNFPA State of the World Population report 2017. The event brought together civil society, policymakers, ambitious entrepreneurs and young influencers to talk about how choices regarding sexuality and reproductive health are connected to economic independence, education, and gender. On behalf of TopFem Nathalie facilitated the roundtable discussion on women’s empowerment & economic opportunities. The event was organised by Rutgers in collaboration with UNFPA and Viva.

Watch here the video of the event.


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VACATURE Bestuurslid Mentor Match programma  TOPFEM is een hét netwerk voor jonge ambitieuze vrouwen, Sinds 2011 bieden wij talentvolle, jonge vrouwen een inspirerende plek buiten

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